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Socket Mobile

Socket Mobile Charging Stand for 7Qi/7Xi/S600/S700 barcode scanner

$238.00 SGD


Built light-weight and maneuverable, the Socket Mobile QX Stand is designed to remain secure on any flat surface where you need to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and productivity. The ingenious design of the QX Stand incorporates a small magnet built into the top of the mounting arch that makes contact with the magnet housed on the CHS 7Qi and 7Xi scanners, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the QX Stand in a fixed-position where barcodes can be scanned in succession. The QX Stand also becomes an efficient time and space saving tool when used in any environment where space may be limited.


Important Notice

  • Not all CHS Scanners are QX Stand-ready. To verify that your CHS 7Qi or 7Xi is QX Stand-ready, please confirm that the scanner came with a battery door as in the image below. Note the metal disk near the twist-lock. 
  • If your scanner has that battery door, your scanner is QX-Stand ready.

  • CHS 1D Barcode Scanner model (7Ci, 7Di, 7Mi or 7Pi) can use QX Stand for docking and charging purposes only.



Product Features

  • Like our CHS 7Qi and 7Xi, the QX Stand was designed with aesthetics, ease-of-use, and performance.
  • Attractive minimal design which will complement any POS configuration.
  • Easy to secure the QX Stand to your countertop with a weighted base, magnets, and keyholes.  Gimbal & socket for easy set-up of the Scanner.
  • Charges your CHS Series 7 when not in use.
  • Charging Pins and Magnetic facilitate Grab’no’Go feature when the scanner is removed (to scan and/or go in-aisle to sell) and then reseated in the QX Stand.
  • Current CHS Series 7 models supported in the QX Stand using a new battery door.
  • Lanyard can still be used with the QX Stand with a new Twist-lock.
  • The 7Qi and 7Xi support Unattended Mode (Presentation Scan, AC Power w/Battery Charge, Good Scan LED & Beep Indication, Vibrate Off) and then transition to Mobile Mode (Trigger Scan, Battery Power, user selected LED/Beep/Vibrate good scan indications) when removed from the QX Stand.



  • Free Shipping for Singapore (Yay !!)

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