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The one POS system for retail success, from 1 store to 100+.

It works on iPad, Mac & PC. It even works offline.


Vend is the leading Omni-channels Retail POS systems currently trusted by 30,000 retailers worldwide. The powerful and easy to use user interface makes it possible for anyone to sell like professional retailers in a day. It has revolutionized the way to set up a retail business by cutting down the complexity of hardware setup, reporting and analytic and give the retailer the freedom to sell anywhere. The online and offline capability is seamless for the user but never missed out a single sales that have been captured while the systems are operating in offline mode. It has powerful API to be able to integrate with almost any modern cloud-based software to enrich the user experience and streamline the process. Try it out today!


  • Exciting News! Vend is now integrated with WooCommerce for all retailers on latest Pro & Enterprise plans. Get the full run down at Vend + WooCommerce Integration
  • From Apr 10, 2018, Vend is one of the pre-approved solutions under PSG grant scheme. PSG scheme encourages SME client to adopt proven productivity solution and giving subsidy up to $3000 for each outlet of your shop. Check out SME Productivity Soltuions Package.


  • Point of sale
    • Quick key - Create custom buttons for your most popular products and speed up checkouts. Easily save as templates for use in any of your stores.
    • Product and Customer searchQuickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name or phone number.
    • Line item and sale notes - Add notes that will appear on your customers’ receipts to let them know about care instructions, special discounts, or other targeted offers.
    • Discounts - Add discounts that will apply to all the items in a customer’s basket or to specific items only.
    • Custom receipts - Customize receipts with your logo and website. Create receipt templates in different languages or for a specific purpose. Choose to email or print receipts after a sale.
    • Layaways and on-account sales - Allow customers to put their favorite items on layaway, provide partial payments, or make purchases on-account. Quickly access customer payment history and current balances. A central customer database means you can easily apply payments at another store or a later date.
    • Parked sales - Did a customer forget an item? Temporarily park any sale and quickly retrieve it when your customer is ready to complete their transaction.
    • Gift cards - Bring in new customers and increase revenue with flexible and brandable gift cards.
    • Store credits (coming soon) - Keep your customers coming back by issuing store credits instead of refunds.
    • Refunds and returns - Give every customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple refund processing and returns.
    • Split payments - Let your customers choose how they pay you. It’s no sweat to split payment types or to accept payments from multiple parties.
  • Sales Operations
    • Sell in-store on Mac or PC - Vend is the web-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers and keep them coming back to your store. It works on Mac or PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time. Vend connects with the most popular hardware and integrates with a variety of payment providers.
    • Sell on-the-go with the Vend Register iPad app - We’ve reimagined the checkout process to save swipes, touches and keypad taps. Quicker sales mean more time to make customers happy. Create a custom interface using Quick Keys to access your most popular products faster. Intuitive, beautiful to use and a wonderful way to start conversations with your customers.
    • User accounts and permissions - Create user accounts and define permission levels for each of your staff. Control the information they have access to, the changes they can make or the discounts they can give.
    • User switching - Track employee performance and increase accountability. The choice is yours to switch users or to require a password between sales.
    • Cash management - Reduce errors, theft, and discrepancies by recording all changes from cash float to register closures. Handle cash withdrawals with ease.
    • Register closure reports - Get a printable record of your daily totals. Add notes about the day and check your totals by payment type.
  • Reporting
    • Build your own reports - Customize your sales reports to easily see how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover who your top salespeople are.
    • Drill down into your data - Use a wide range of variables and filters to get to the bottom of things, and help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.
    • Understand your customers better - Find out who your most loyal customers are, how much they spend with you, and what they’re buying.
    • Manage your inventory more effectively - See stock on hand, low stock and inventory levels at a glance, so it’s easy to make sure you always have enough of your top-selling products.
    • Know what’s going on wherever you are - All your data is stored safely in the cloud, so you can get your reports from wherever you are, at any time of day.
    • Results on-the-go with a mobile-friendly dashboard - Get a snapshot of how your stores are performing via easy to understand charts, and quickly identify important trends or areas to work on.
    • See at a glance how your store is performing - See if you’re ahead or behind the previous day, week or month on key metrics. Identify areas where you’re doing better, and ones that need more attention. Compare how outlets are performing against each other.
    • Track employee performance - Track sales by the employee and use this information to reward your top staff members, encourage upselling, identify team members that need more direction, and make the right staffing decisions.
    • Discover your top selling products - Pinpoint which products in what styles, colors, and sizes your customers buy the most of, and optimize your purchasing decisions.
  • Inventory
    • Bulk product imports - Migrate products from your old point of sale or online store by importing a CSV file (Excel).
    • Product variants and composites - Create multiple product sizes, colors or any variations you need. You can also bundle products together to form new products like gift baskets, or split one product into many like wine by the bottle or glass.
    • Barcodes and labels - Import existing item barcodes or print new ones. Effortlessly add products to sales, purchase orders, stock-takes or supplier returns with a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.
    • Product organization - Categorize your products by name, type, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, handle, and tag, to easily build custom reports, perform inventory counts or coordinate your online store collections.
    • Centralized product catalog - Manage one central product catalog and sync your products across all your channels to eliminate double data entry and reduce human errors.
    • Stock orders - Create stock orders quickly with CSV uploads or by scanning product barcodes. Email orders directly to your suppliers through Vend, then easily receive, modify, and bulk print labels when orders arrive.
    • Autofilled orders - Automatically generate stock orders whenever a product drops below your preset levels with customizable reorder points. Never have too much or too little stock again.
    • Supplier returns - Easily record and return damaged, faulty, or unsold consignment stock to your suppliers.
    • Inventory counts - Take the pain out of one of retail’s biggest jobs. Quickly complete full or partial stock-takes, perform multiple counts at the same time and schedule them in advance so you’re always on top of your inventory.
    • Stock transfers - Have multiple outlets? Check product levels at your other locations and easily transfer items from one store to another while Vend automatically adjusts your inventory levels.
    • Inventory control - Make better-informed decisions about your purchasing and inventory with stock on hand, low stock, and inventory level reports at your fingertips.
  • Price Management
    • Automated promotions - Simplify all your promotions with Vend Price Books. Discount or mark up products, specify minimum or maximum purchase amounts and set an automatic end date.
    • Store discounts - Running exclusive promotions? Apply discounts across every channel or target them on an individual store basis, or online-only with Vend Ecommerce.
    • Custom pricing - Create special pricing for different customer groups, like VIP customers or your staff.
    • Customizable taxes - Easily handle taxes for outlets in different cities, counties or states. Customize your tax rates by outlet, or for individual products.
    • Wholesale operations - Simplify the wholesale facet of your retail business. Track, manage and record wholesale stock and sales.

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