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Timely POS

Cloud based Appointment Booking systems for Salon, Spa and service based business

Timely cloud based appointment booking systems

A calendar you'll love, and a whole lot more

See your schedule

With multiple calendar views (day, week, month) it’s never been so easy to get a handle on your schedule. Filter your calendar by staff member, all working staff, or all staff to see what’s coming up for everyone.

Know your customers better

​All the important info you need to know about your clients sits right next to your calendar. View previous and future appointments, invoices, notes, and more. You do stuff here, too! Rebook them, sell them products, or get in touch with them.

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Timely manage customer profile and appointment history

Enhance the experience

Build client profiles

Customer profiles in Timely work seamlessly with the Calendar. Instead of trying to remember it all yourself, store your customers’ contact details, birthday, occupation, gender, allergies, preferences and more in our detailed customer profiles.

Appointment history

Keep all your customers’ sales and appointment history in one place. A customer didn’t show? Mark them as ‘Did not show’ and we’ll flag that on their profile for next time.

Sales history

To get a handle on your customer's purchasing habits, check out their Product or Appointment sales report. That makes it easier to ask how they’re getting on with a product, or suggest a new one.

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Timely online booking

Get your name out there

Online bookings save you phone time

Keep your calendar full with online bookings! You have full control of your available times, services and staff members. Adding a Book Now button to your website or social media keeps your staff off the phone and doing what they love.

Sell gift vouchers

​Let your customers spread the love about your business with gift vouchers. Track the sales and usage of gift vouchers with your Gift Voucher reports, and see how effective they are.


Your very own (free!) mini-website

​Not keen on building your own website? No worries. Your Timely account comes with a free, customization mini-website, complete with your very own web address. Customers can book themselves in online, purchase a gift voucher or find out vital details about your business.

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Timely appointment reminder

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Automated reminders

Reduce no-shows by up to 50% with automated SMS or email reminders. Your clients will appreciate the service too – reminders help everyone to be organised.

SMS reminder templates

Customise your SMS reminder messages to be unique to your business using our SMS reminder templates. Placeholders make it easy to personalise the message for your customers, making you look professional.

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Timely customer online booking

Online booking at their fingertips

Add online booking to your website

Timely is easy to add to your website and it looks great. Create buttons that are specific to a staff member, location, or service. Timely's online booking works great with WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, and Rocketspark.

Use online booking with Facebook

The Timely Facebook app works seamlessly with your business page, allowing customers to book through your Facebook profile. Or simply share an online booking link on any page, post or status! ​

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Timely reporting, keep track of your performance

Track your business performance

Know your business with the Dashboard​

The Timely Dashboard gives you an instant overview on how your business is doing. With business or staff views, you can have your finger on the pulse at all times.

See what's going on with Activity Dashboard

The Activity dashboard shows you what’s coming up, like scheduled appointments (or pending appointment requests) and you and your staffs’ recent activity. Customer birthday alerts and the ‘Contact’ button let you keep on top of your customer relationships without having to remember hundreds of special days!

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Timely POS

Set up your salon sales hardware

Integrate Timely seamlessly with a barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer. Between iPad, iPhone and Mac and Windows PC, you have a world of choice.

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