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PSG Grant. How it work and who can apply.

SME has been the key driver for Singapore economy and government recognize that. As part of the industry transform program (ITM), Singapore government has allocate S$110 million, an initial budget for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) for SME to adopt pre-approved solutions.

Vend is one of the recognize solutions which has successfully helping more than 300 local SME to adapt and transforming themselves from start up to multi outlets and omni-channels pro-retailers. The enterprise level retail management solutions is most reliable platform that you can find in Singapore and trusted by reputable retailers such as Dish the Fish, Yankee Candles, Sennheiser, The Golden Duck, Razer and more.

For Singapore registered company with minimum 30% local shareholding (for selected solutions only) and intended to use the solution in Singapore, you have meet the minimum requirement for PSG.

We have summarized following 2 workflow for your information,

Application flow 1

PSG application process

Application flow 2

PSG application

You should NOT commit to following

Non-compliance PSG application flow

Register your interest if you qualify and wish to make some positive impact to your retail business. We are happy to help!


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