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INSTUT iKiosk for Food Kiosk and QSR

Instut iKiosk is a QSR is easy to use iPad POS solution design for fast moving F&B outlet like hawker centre, food kiosk, ice cream shop, frozen yoghurt or small cafe. It integrated with inventory management, CRM, advance discount scheme, Loyalty and cashless payment such as Alipay, WeChat pay and more. Whether you have 1 store or 100, iKiosk help you to link them up into one and manage them from the cloud. It has the built-in offline capability to prevent disruption when your Internet is down.


iKiosk POS for QSR
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Instut iKiosk
iKiosk design for F&B retail, or small F&B like ice cream kiosk, cook food stall or hawker stall. It is ultra fast, easy to use and highly versatile. And to safeguard potential Internet connectivity disruption, iKiosk is able to operate offline with no dependency of the mini server or extra hardware, as long as the iKiosk connected to the printer, it will work well.
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iKiosk Key features

Cloud-based and have offline protection
Real-time dashboard on iPad, iPhone and web
Inventory management with recipe management
Versatile modifiers, options selections
Real-time reports
CRM with membership, prepaid, On account (on tab), deposit and voucher features
Customizable receipt templates
Customizable discount scheme
Build in camera scanner for prepaid card or membership
    iKiosk is highly scalable from single outlet QSR to multiple outlet QSR that requires centre kitchen inventory management. We provide a turnkey project for the client who wishes to build more proprietary workflow to stand out from the competition.
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